City Court

Court DatesMunicipal Court is held on the 1st Thursday of each month at 1:30 PM. If a court date falls on a Federally observed holiday, court is typically rescheduled for the following Friday. Please contact City Hall for questions about court dates.

Online Fine Payment PortalMany tickets may be paid online through the Violation Bureau on our secure payment portal. Please note that most cases will have court costs assessed in addition to the fines. To make a payment you can click on the "Fine Payment Portal" and find your case by case number or name. If you cannot find your case, please contact Clever Municipal Court at 417-743-2544.

Fine Payment Portal

All other forms of payments are to be delivered in person or mailed to:

City of Clever
PO Box 52
Clever, MO 65631

Money orders and checks are required to be payable to "Clever Municipal Court"

General InformationProsecutor conferences are held the day and time of court

Litigants should be aware that the court may or may not begin promptly on time. The Judge may have other important matters to tend to that must be completed before he takes a seat at the bench. Defendants with an attorney present are taken at the top of the docket so that they may leave for appearance in other courts.

FinesThe City of Clever has provided the following Fine Schedule for you to use as a reference to determine the expected cost of an infraction.

Motion to ContinueContinuances will not be granted over the phone nor given on the day of court (unless seen by the Judge).  Only ONE continuance will be granted, otherwise, your appearance is required.  In order to get a continuance, please fill out the “Motion to Continue” Form that is located on our website. Form must be sent to the court prior to the court date.  "Motion to Continue" will then be sent to the Judge for decision.

Motion to Continue Online Form

Printable Motion to Continue