City Clerk

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining all official City records, preparation of City Council Agendas, attending City Council meetings, recording minutes of meetings, follow-up of Council actions, publishing of legal notices, conducting bid openings, administering oaths of office, administering election laws and procedures of Municipal and Special elections, and all phases of management of City records. Additionally, the City Clerk is responsible for the accounting, collection, and disbursement of all City funds as well as issues licenses per Ordinances of City Statute.

Records Request

The City Council Minutes, Adopted Ordinances, Resolutions, Contract Documents, etc., are available in the City Clerk's Office or Online. If you have a request for a specific document from any City Department, you may submit an Online Sunshine Request, or contact the City Clerk's office at 417-743-2544 for assistance.

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